Peanut allergies

In consideration of the peanut allergies which may afflict some passengers, we hereby state that:

Inhalation intolerance

Given the above, Alitalia, not being able to provide a no-risk travel environment nor guarantee the health of those suffering from intolerance to peanuts or to inhaling peanut dust, invites those persons not to ask to be transported on its flights as it would be unable to ensure their physical safety.

Food intolerance

Passengers with a food allergy to peanuts should contact the Alitalia back office in Rome (or call the reservations office which will forward the call to the back office) not less than 24 hrs prior to their flight. They will do everything possible to ensure that the meal served to them is completely devoid of peanuts or substances containing peanuts.

There are special circumstances such as – for example and not all inclusive – cancellations, delays, aircraft changes and such, which may make it impossible to meet the client’s request for a peanut or peanut-product-free meal - even though the request had been confirmed when the booking was made - if the nature of the particular situation does not allow for a timely intervention to solve the problem.

Passengers who suffer from food allergies to peanuts are strongly urged to always carry the medicines needed in the event of an allergy episode during a trip (Epipen or other anaphylaxis that can be used personally and thermo carrying case) and any other remedy deemed necessary by his or her doctor. It is also recommended they wear a bracelet indicating the allergy and, if accompanied by family members or traveling companions, make sure that at least one of them is trained in the administration of the drug, should it be necessary. The affected passenger traveling alone must, however, be able to administer the medication by him/herself.

It is important to point out that the acceptance on the part of the Airline to carry passengers affected by food allergies to peanuts and their derivatives is confirmed in agreement with the Airline, which must have been duly informed by the passenger of his condition at the moment of reserving the flight. Passengers suffering from food allergy to peanuts and their derivatives, who have duly informed the Airline of their special needs, will be carried in accordance with these special needs unless this is impossible for reasons beyond the Airline’s control.

If passengers suffering from a food allergy to peanuts and their derivatives do not inform the Airline of this allergy within the required amount of time, the Airline cannot guarantee the absence of peanuts or substances derived from them in meals/snacks served to those passengers on board their flights. On those flights where it is possible to order a special meal, Alitalia’s back office will do everything possible to guarantee the passenger a meal without peanuts as requested.

Domestic flights

No special meals can be requested for domestic flights. As such, there can be no assurance of meals without peanuts.


In the case of code-sharing on flights on which Alitalia does not appear as the Operating Carrier (eg. AZ 7000) the Airline will request a special peanut-free meal from the Airline actually operating the flight. In these cases, however, it may not be possible to have a confirmation of the meal request nor receive the requested meal on board.