Pantelleria Flights

If you're looking for a dream seaside location and you want to experience a different type of vacation, Pantelleria is just what you need: You can choose to sleep in a dammuso, a traditional house made of volcanic rock, dive into wonderful water and pamper yourself a bit in the natural hot springs. Oh, and don't forget, fun is guaranteed in Pantelleria!

The black pearl

You are on an amazing island off Sicily, not far from the coast of Africa. What does this mean? That it's time for a refreshing dive in the sea!
Pantelleria will teach you that "beautiful sea" doesn't just mean white beaches. The coasts are mainly rocky, but that's their strength: It provides an amazing contrast with the blue water and offers a unique landscape. The area is full of breathtaking creeks, which you can visit in turn, armed with sunscreen, bathing suit, mask and snorkel, to admire one of the richest seabeds of the Mediterranean for flora and fauna. See for yourself and visit the famous Cala del Faro, Cala Levante and Cala Cinque Venti to admire the shades of color and the views that every corner of the island has to offer.
Get ready to be left speechless at the sight of the island's natural monuments: the Elephant Arch, best admired at sunset, and the Balata dei Turchi, a bay with a charming lava flow into the sea.

Hunting the spring

We've mentioned the amazing sea and splendid nature. But Pantelleria doesn't stop there: It will continue to surprise you with its natural thermal springs, offering genuine open-air thermal baths, known since ancient times.
There is nothing better than diving into the blue sea and finding springs at temperatures between 40–100°C, both day and night, like at Cala Gadir, in the Sateria Cave or at Cala Nicà.
Another wonder is the spectacular Mirror of Venus Lake, of volcanic origin with sulfur springs, located in the Montagna Grande Natural Park, one of the island's main attractions: Here you will be able to spend a relaxing day dedicated to wellness. You can coat your skin with regenerating clay, letting it dry as you walk around the lake while you admire the breathtaking view, and then relax in the natural hot water pools.
And don't stop here: Along a ridge of the Montagna Grande you get to the Benikulà Cave, a charming and healthy natural sauna, which you can reach through a fault in the rock. Don't forget to bring something to drink with you!

Pantelleria by night

The people of Pantelleria also know how to have fun. On the island, there are in fact many clubs and places to dance, chat and spend time with friends late into the evening. There is also no shortage of restaurants and there are many tasty dishes to try, such as taboulì (a variant of couscous), bitter ravioli (ricotta and mint) and Pantelleria pesto (made from tomatoes), which you will often find flavoring meat and fish courses. Talking of fish, like any self-respecting island, Pantelleria offers many dishes made of shellfish, sea urchins, limpets and fish, which are always fresh and prepared in many different ways.
But when you talk about Pantelleria in terms of cuisine, you have to mention the extremely flavorsome capers that are produced here and the delicate Tumma cheese, as well as the most famous sweet wines in the world like zibibbo, moscato and passito.

Treat yourself to a vacation on the island of Pantelleria, within easy reach with an Alitalia flight.


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