Imagine receiving a reward every time you go around the world, making the most of discounts on purchases and everyday costs, and traveling for free in one of Alitalia's travel classes.

With the new 2013–2015 edition of the MilleMiglia Program, we offer these benefits, plus others, to make you feel like a special customer every day. 

Depart before June 30 and the Loyalty Bonus will reward you for flying.
If you're a MilleMiglia Club or Ulisse Club member, by flying at least four times, you will receive a bonus equal to 50% of the miles not used in the previous edition of the Program; if you're a Freccia Alata Club or Freccia Alata Plus Club member, the reward doubles with two flights. 

Among other new features: Earn miles on all flights, for any purchased fare and up to three times more miles, if you are traveling with an Business Class Medium Haul or Business Class Long Haul Business class ticket to international destinations or with a Full Fare Economy class ticket on domestic flights.   In addition, if you travel often between Rome and Milan in Comfort class, earn from 750 up to 2000 miles and, until May 31, 2013, you will also get a special bonus of 250 miles each way, on flights scheduled between 9:00am and 5:00pm, and evening flights (after 8:00pm) from Monday through Friday, and on all Saturday and Sunday flights.

To earn more miles and enrich your account, choose to fly with Alitalia and its Partner Airlines, use services offered by the Program's Commercial Partners or shop online in the MilleMiglia Mall or Griffair, the Alitalia on-board boutique.
Use your miles to claim reward tickets of the Standard, SemiFlex, Flex and SuperFlex types, and treat yourself to a trip to the domestic and international destinations you prefer.

Are you a member of one of the Exclusive Clubs?
From January 1, 2013, for you, from two to four free upgrades to Business Class Medium Haul or Business Class Long Haul or Premium Economy and Elite Status guaranteed for one year, as well as all the exclusive benefits confirmed: entry into the airport lounges, priority on waiting lists, additional baggage allowance and much more. If you have reached and exceeded the access threshold to one of the Exclusive Clubs, you can transfer the extra miles to the following year.

Visit the dedicated Program section for more information on the MilleMiglia world. On the other hand, if you're not yet a member, find out now why you should sign up.


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