Terms and conditions

  1. All MilleMiglia Members who effect at least one Alitalia flight from Rome to Fortaleza and vice versa in the Premium Economy and Magnifica service classes between 5 February and 30 April are eligible for this promotion.
  2. Members receive a bonus of 2,000 miles for each flight effected in Premium Economy class and 3,000 miles for each flight in Magnifica class, over and above the miles normally contemplated.
  3. Bonuses are accrued for each flight effected in the period in which the promotion is valid and are therefore cumulative.
  4. Bonuses are awarded automatically following the credit of miles relating to the Rome-Fortaleza flight and vice versa effected while the promotion is valid.
  5. Bonus miles awarded by this promotion are not valid for obtaining or renewing membership to the Exclusive Clubs in the MilleMiglia Program.
  6. To obtain bonuses, Member must effect a flight (flight segment) purchased at a fare corresponding to the Premium Economy or Magnifica Class.