Findomestic financing request - Details and Requirements

In order to get the financing you need to:

Advertising message. Offer of credit valid from December 19, 2014 to December 31, 2015 as an example: Purchase price € 1000, fixed nominal interest rate of 4,85%, effective annual percentage rate of 4,96%, in 20 installments of € 52,15, no additional costs and expenses. Total amount of credit € 1000. Total amount owed by the consumer € 1043. For all the economic and contractual conditions, referring to the Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI) available here online. Subject to approval by Findomestic S.p.A. Alitalia operates as a credit intermediary for Findomestic Banca S.p.A., non-exclusively.

For refunds of tickets purchase using Findomestic, you can send a mail to specifying: the ticket number, the booking code, the reference to the installment payment method with Findomestic, and the transaction number provided by Findomestic.