Payment Methods, Service Charges and Refunds

To purchase your tickets on our website, choose one of the following payment methods:

- Credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club).

You can book online or through the Alitalia Call Center and finalize your purchase at:
Lottomatica Servizi outlets (info at

You can pay for your booking within 48 hours of departure. The total purchase cannot exceed EUR 999.99.
Find the nearest outlet

You can choose to pay for your purchase in installments using:
- Findomestic

Or you can charge your personal account:
- PagoInConto (Intesa Sanpaolo)
- BancoPosta (Poste Italiane)
- PagOnline (Unicredit)
- PayPal    

The following variable service charges* will be applied to ticket purchases: 

- Purchases from the Call Center1
EUR 9.50 for a ticket purchased at the time of booking
EUR 25 for a domestic ticket bought after booking
EUR 25 for an international ticket bought after booking

- Purchases of MilleMiglia award tickets from the Call Center1
EUR 6 for an award ticket bought at the time of booking    

EUR 15 for an international award ticket bought after booking
EUR 8 for a domestic award ticket bought after booking 

The service charge does not apply to customers who are members of the Exclusive Clubs and on flights operated by Alitalia Partner companies 

The service charge does not apply to children under the age of 2

Purchases from Ticket Desks managed directly by Alitalia   
EUR 12 for a domestic ticket 
EUR 25 for an international ticket in the Schengen area and Switzerland
EUR 35 per ticket for all other destinations 

A fee of EUR 20 per ticket for administration costs is applicable on all complete or partial ticket refund requests, for flights canceled by the passenger.
The fee, regardless of whether there is a refund penalty, applies on all tickets excluding those in Magnifica, Classica Plus, Economy/Libera Class and for flights with territorial continuity tariffs.
Airport taxes and security taxes can always be reimbursed for all tariffs.
If the reimbursable amount is less than the administration fee, no amount will be reimbursed.
Refunds for tickets bought on and through the Customer Center can be requested by calling the Customer Center. For tickets issued by travel agencies, the refund request should be sent to the agency.