Magnifica: the best high-altitude cuisine

When you choose a distant destination, the hours spent in the air are memorable if, in addition to efficient on-board services, you add the taste of good cuisine.

On our long-haul flights, in Magnifica - Business class, the perfect combination of the best traditional Italian dishes and an exclusive wine list is the icing on the cake, making your travel experience even better. 

Be won over by the authentic taste of our dishes, designed in collaboration with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine run by Gualtiero Marchesi and inspired by traditional Italian recipes, with a modern twist.

The result is a high-class menu that is always varied, thanks to the quality of the DOP and IGP products, accompanied by some of Italy's finest wines, which have been carefully chosen by Alitalia's official Sommelier. Our cabin staff, trained by the Italian Sommelier Association of Rome, will recommend wines on board.

If you are a beer lover, pair our recipes with a Theresianer, awarded two medals at the famous World Beer Championship in Chicago, sponsored by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI). To meet your tastes and different pairings with food, you can choose between a lager with the scent of hops and yeast, a pale ale with fruity notes or a Vienna with an intense scent of caramel.

To reward the gastronomic excellence of the proposed menu during the flight, the American magazine Global Traveler, which has been promoting research into excellence in the travel and tourism industry for nine years, has given Alitalia, starting in 2010 and then for three consecutive years, the award for "Best Airline Cuisine," as the best airline in the world for the quality of food and wine served on board.

All seasoned with impeccable service, for which Alitalia received the BizTravel Award 2013 in the "Best Business Class Service" category.

Saving the best for last, to accompany our desserts, you can enjoy a 2007 vintage "Semele" Passito Sagrantino from the Cantina Cesarini Sartori wine cellar, judged the best passito wine of Italy in 2011 and awarded the Gold Medal at the World Competition of Sweet Wines in Quebec in 2010.
If you're looking for a tasty idea for your next trip, buy an Alitalia ticket and discover a taste for Italian flying in Magnifica - Business class.