The new MilleMiglia Program increases the possibilities of using miles like few other airlines in the world. 

With the new MilleMiglia Cash & Miles, you can get an immediate discount* on the price of your ticket with just 5,000 miles, choosing from all destinations in the Alitalia network and all travel class. 
Use your miles earned in 2013 to buy your tickets online and pay up to 25% of the total cost of your flights using your miles.


  • Go to and log in
  • Choose the travel itinerary you wish to buy
  • Select the Cash & Miles option, place the cursor over the special bar and enter the miles to use to buy the ticket
  • Obtain the value of your discount and the final ticket price
  • Complete the purchase

Read the Terms and Conditions of the offer and remember that, when you fly with tickets bought with Cash & Miles, you will earn miles as normal. Are you ready to go? For your flight, buy now at

* for a minimum purchase of 100 € or the equivalent in local currency


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