As crew members, technically called "cabin crew," in contrast to pilots who are the "flight crew," flight attendants perform roles linked to passenger safety in the aircraft cabin and sales assistance tasks, on board aircraft used for public transport services.

The minimum requirements for carrying out the tasks of a member of cabin crew are:
- Age preferably between 18 and 32 years
- Upper secondary school qualification or above
- Excellent knowledge of Italian and English (minimum level B1 on the CEFR scale) and preferably knowledge of a third language
- Good athletic and swimming skills.

Previous work experience in the tourism sector or in jobs with contact with the general public is also considered to be an advantage. The profile is completed with organizational, relational and problem-solving skills, motivation for the role, empathy and stress management.


Before being able to take up the career of flight attendant or air hostess, according to international and national aviation regulations, you must have a safety training certificate issued following attendance on a special course.

The initial training course can be taken at Enac (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) approved training organizations such as the Alitalia Training Center. At the end of the course, candidates will take theoretical and practical tests to check their knowledge of the tasks and roles of a flight attendant, of the standard and emergency procedures on board aircraft, of first aid and medicine and of English.

Having passed the theoretical and practical tests, candidates are issued with the safety training certificate, which has no expiration date and allows holders to practice the profession of cabin crew member in Italy and other countries in the European Union.

They must also pass the medical examination at the Air Force Forensic Medicine Institution.

I recommend that all aspiring flight attendants who meet the described requirements apply via the Alitalia recruitment website