Reggio Calabria Flights

Reggio Calabria is a mix of history and art, located between sea and mountain, at the furthest point of the Italian peninsula, right opposite Sicily. Everything in this splendid city is on a large scale, such as the famous promenade, better known as "the most beautiful kilometer in Italy" (actually around 1.7 km long), where you can admire the remarkable Fata Morgana mirage: an optical phenomenon where close-up images of Sicily can be seen reflected in the sea.
The Reggio sea front is also famous for its heavenly beaches of typical white sand alternating with gravel, like the famous Capo Vaticano, Tonnara di Palmi, Scilla and Costa Viola areas, the latter named for the distinctive purple color of the water. With a bit of patience, you can reach the splendid Tropea beach, listed among the 20 most beautiful Italian beaches. Its typical old town on top of a cliff that rises from the sea is well worth a visit.
For a trip into the countryside, don't miss the Aspromonte National Park, full of different species of flora and fauna, but also distinctive ancient towns dating back to various periods of particular historical interest.
One bit of history that you should definitely not miss can be found in the National Museum of Magna Graecia: the Riace Bronzes, the most significant sculptures in Greek art. As you wander around the city you are sure to come across many of the monuments that symbolize it, such as the imposing Reggio Calabria cathedral, built in the art nouveau-neoclassical style, and the Aragonese Castle, which now hosts exhibitions and events. If you fancy an evening's entertainment, or just a visit, it's worth heading to the Francesco Cilea Theater, the largest and most important theater in Calabria.


Calabrian cuisine in general is particularly well-known for the use of very spicy products, as well as for the delicious ingredients available. Anyone passing through Reggio Calabria should try the great classics such as "maccarruni", typical pasta formed using knitting needles, "u suffrittu", made with meat and "nzudda", an unleavened biscuit of Arabian origin made of flour, caramelized honey, aniseed liqueur and other flavors. The region produces various cheeses and meats, such as soppressata and ‘nduja, and DOCG wines such as Pellaro, Arghillà, Palizzi and Scilla.

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