Cagliari Flights

Cagliari is a capital with a lot to offer. With its long history and amazing beaches, it is one of Italy's unmissable places. Great for any kind of trip with any company, it is always the right time to fly to this splendid city!

What trip to Sardinia would be complete without a few days by the sea? Italy's most famous coastal region knows a thing or two about beaches. The main and most famous beach is definitely Poetto, around eight kilometers long with crystal-clear waters, dominated by the Sella del Diavolo (Devil's Saddle) promontory. Its nature and pale sand merge perfectly with the blue sea and sky, creating a unique setting for both young and old to relax and have fun in.
Visit the nearby Molentargius–Saline Regional Park to take photos of the pink flamingos that live on the pond, immortalizing them in picturesque shots, in a setting that is even more beautiful at sunset.


To get a deeper understanding of the origins of Cagliari, visit the National Archaeological Museum, which preserves objects from the prehistoric period to the days of the Byzantine Empire. Continue with a tour of the city center known as ''Castello" ("Casteddu" in Sardinian, from which the city of Cagliari gets its name), with its borders marked by the St Pancras and Elephant towers. Within the city, there is the Cathedral of St. Mary, famous for its crypt containing the relics of various martyrs.
While you are there, you can also walk through Stampace, the former merchant quarter, Marina, the fishermen's district, and Villanova, the shepherds' and peasants' area. Don't miss the Basilica of San Saturnino, the oldest in Sardinia that we know of, just one of the many majestic churches in the city center.
Also worth a visit are the Tuvixeddu necropolis, from the Phoenician-Punic era, and the Roman amphitheater, the "Colosseum" (or what remains of it) of the Sardinian capital.


Cagliari cuisine is characterized by strong flavors and ingredients of excellent quality. Any meal (or aperitif) will certainly be accompanied by pane carasau, very fine, crisp bread, and its variant with olive oil and salt, pane guttiau. Every self-respecting Sardinian restaurant will have the most typical local dishes on its menu, such as burrida, dogfish cooked and marinated in a walnut, garlic and parsley sauce, malloreddus, little semolina and saffron gnocchi, served with tomatoes and cheese, and the famous porceddu, pork roasted on a spit or underground. To finish, try a dessert such as candelaus, an almond pastry-based specialty with orange, and seadas, large fried cheese ravioli covered with honey.
There are also strong-flavored local wines like Nuragus (white), Monica (red) and the sweet Moscato and Malvasia wines. 

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in a wealth of history and nature. Choose your travel dates and book your Alitalia flight now to discover Cagliari!


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