Ancona Flights

It's great flying to Ancona! The Mole Vanvitelliana, the port, Passetto beach; but also charming parks like the Cònero: Ancona is a special place where you can recharge your batteries, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the sea. If you have never visited this city, now is the time to find out what you've been missing: see how many itineraries and how much advice we have for you to discover Ancona and its amazing attractions.

Ancona, flavor of the sea

Your best travel companions in summer? Beach, sea, music through your headphones and a towel. If that's you, then Ancona has everything you need for a marvelous time. Start by heading towards Passetto, a picturesque rocky beach with famous caves dug out of the rock. They are used to store small boats, but to see the Passetto caves, with their shapes and colors, they are truly little open-air works of art.

There is also golden sand and crystal-clear sea - plus the typical, attractive white pebbles on some areas of the coast - at Portonovo as well: here we are at the foot of Monte Cònero, where Portonovo beach draws bathers from all over the world like a magnet. But then, when you are the "Pearl of the Adriatic”, you don't need to do much: nobody can resist your charm!

Then there's Mezzavalle beach: white sand, a little wild, surrounded by plenty of nature. The sea has never been more adventurous than here.

Simply monumental

Museums, historical buildings, ancient monuments: A visit to Ancona is a dive into a sea… of history. Start with the Mole Vanvitelliana, the famous pentagon in the port, connected to the mainland by bridges. In the past, the Mole was a leper colony; today it is a major cultural center which hosts exhibitions and music festivals.

Ancona is its Mole, but above all Trajan's Arch, its symbol. Distinctive features: it was made from marble in 115 AD by Apollodorus of Damascus to celebrate victory over the Dacians.

Sea… Nature!

The Ancona panorama is a visual spectacle. The first compulsory stop for every nature lover is Monte Cònero and its park, which is much more than a regional park, an endless expanse of nature. In the Cònero Park there are some 18 trails to get lost in, where you can experience breathtaking nature. Guided tours include in particular the Large Cònero Ring, which takes you through landscapes like the Pian Grande and Pian di Raggetti. Botanical enthusiasts with green fingers will enjoy a first-hand view of some very special varieties, like euphorbia dendroides and gillyflowers.

Birdwatching in Cònero Park is a delight: herons and peregrine falcons stand out among the birds that you will have the chance to see.
The Cònero, however, is fascinating for another reason as well: do you know the legends? It seems that Pian Grande hides a great treasure, whilst a mermaid used to live among the Two Sisters cliffs. Together with a Sea Demon, she trapped and imprisoned the poor sailors who encountered her. People even say that UFOs have been spotted in the Cònero area!

Dinner's ready!

Hungry? Ancona cuisine produces exquisite dishes; here are a few delicacies to try when you get a few little hunger pangs: first courses include vincisgrassi, oven-baked pasta with ragout and grated Parmesan - a must.
For second course, try to visit Ancona without tasting Ancona stockfish: impossible! The ingredients for success: anchovies, carrots, rosemary, onions and tomatoes for the sauce.

This vacation enjoy the culinary delights of Ancona, with Alitalia!


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