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Athens, Dodecanese, Crete, Thessaloniki, Ionian Islands, Santorini, Mykonos

Summer calls, Greece responds. If you are planning your summer vacation, Greece is ready and waiting with great destinations, there is no doubt about it: Athens, with the Parthenon and Mikrolimano marina; the Dodecanese Islands for a peaceful, relaxing vacation; or Crete with its crystal clear waters and the ancient Knossos Palace. Then there's Thessaloniki, the Ionian Islands, Santorini and Mykonos: there really is something for everyone.

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Giuliano Sangiorgi: music, sport and solidarity

They are one of the most loved and listened to Italian groups with a huge number of fans: they are Negramaro and they're ready for a major tour of Italian cities in July. But what do Negramaro have to do with sport and especially with the Italian national football team? Their lead singer Giuliano Sangiorgi explains in this interview: from their song paying tribute to the national team, to their major musical inspirations, Giuliano talks about himself and the band.

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Incredible, but true

The latest and most unbelievable technological innovations you couldn't even imagine…

We're all hooked on technology to some extent. And we're always on the lookout for the latest gadget for our smartphone. Enter Incredibile, ma vero (Incredible but true), the PDA with the most spectacular high-tech innovations around. We are talking about Bluetooth and wireless headphones, Ultrabooks and devices that transform your smartphone into a real portable TV.

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