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Do you have a Classica - Economy class ticket but want even more legroom when traveling?
Buy an Extra Comfort Seat1, for all domestic, international and intercontinental flights by selecting one on the aircraft map2 during the online check-in procedure or choosing one at the airport.

The cost varies according to the flight duration:

 Flight timeEUR
NATIONAL FLIGHTS*-EUR 10,00 per journey leg
INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTSLess than 2 hoursEUR 20.00 per journey leg
From 2 to 2,59 hoursEUR 25.00 per journey leg
From 3 to 3,59 hoursEUR 35.00 per journey leg
From 4 to 4,59 hoursEUR 40.00 per journey leg
More than 5 hoursEUR 45.00 per journey leg
INTERCONTINENTAL FLIGHTSFrom 6 to 7,59 hoursEUR 60.00 per journey leg
From 8 to 9,59 hoursEUR 70.00 per journey leg
From 10 to 11,59 hoursEUR 80.00 per journey leg
More than 12 hoursEUR 85.00 per journey leg
*National flights in Italy

How to purchase the service

  • during online check-in
  • at the airport
  • when booking 3 at Alitalia ticket desks at airports, the Customer Center and authorized Travel Agencies


Starting from today, for flights departing from 15 September 2014, the Extra Comfort Seat purchase will be available on A332 in the booking process as well.

Check the table to find out where to find the Extra Comfort Seats:

WHERE3Row 1: seat 1A
Row 2 to row 7: seats A - C - D - F
Near the emergency exitsNear the Classica - Economy Class partition and the emergency exits4
MORE LEGROOMSeats in the front rows, more comfortable, fasterFrom 12.7 cm (5 inches) to 91.44 cm (36 inches)From 25.4 cm (10 inches) to 121,92 cm (48 inches)

If you are a Freccia Alata or Freccia Alata Plus member, you can book your Extra Comfort Seat at no extra cost. Remember to always provide your MilleMiglia code when booking or enter it during online check-in. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your seat free of charge and cannot give a refund at a later date.

In addition, Extra Comfort Seats are also free of charge:

  • When booking: for passengers with Y/B/M booking classes 

  • During check-in, self check-in and online check-in: for Corporate Card holders

1. Seat assignment is subject to availability
2. The maps are purely indicative and do not always correspond to the actual size on board
3. The service is not available on RomaMilano and on flights to/from Sardinia using the territorial continuity system
4. Depending on the aircraft


If you have an Alitalia ticket, you can purchase extra baggage allowance with your credit card during Web Check-in or by clicking on "My flights" on the home page, saving 20% on the fee charged at the airport.

The discount is also reserved for disabled passengers who contact Special Assistance the day before the flight departure.


For tickets bought with the Light fare there is a charge for hold baggage:

  • For domestic and international flights* the fee per journey leg is EUR 20 on the Alitalia website or via the call center and authorized travel agents and EUR 40 for purchases made at airport ticket desks and check-in desks.
  • For flights to/from Paris, the fee is EUR 25 on the Alitalia website or via the call center and authorized travel agents and EUR 35 for purchases made at airport ticket desks and check-in desks.

*From Ancona to Rome and Milan Linate, from Brindisi to Rome and Linate, from Bologna to Rome, from Bari to Rome and Linate, from Comiso to Linate, from Catania to Rome, Linate, Naples and Pisa, from Rome to Florence, Genoa, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Perugia, Palermo, Pisa, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Lamezia Terme, Turin, Trieste, Venice and Verona, from Milan Linate to Naples, Palermo, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Lamezia Terme and Trieste, from Naples to Palermo, Turin and Trieste, from Reggio Calabria to Turin, and from Lamezia Terme to Turin.

From Roma to Athens, Berlin, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Madrid, Valencia, London Heathrow, London City, Istanbul, Warsaw, Bucharest, Tbilisi, Algiers, Cairo, Amsterdam and Paris, from Milan Linate to Düsseldorf, Berlin, Barcelona, London Heathrow, London City, Warsaw, Bucharest, Tbilisi, Amsterdam and Paris, from Milan Malpensa to Algiers, and from Venice to Berlin.


You are entitled to a refund of the extra baggage allowance fee if:

  • The flight was not operated by Alitalia
  • The original flight was canceled and you refused the new flight proposed by Alitalia
  • The baggage for which you had previously purchased the extra allowance is lost and not found again within 45 days. 

You are not entitled to a refund if:

  • You decide to travel with less baggage than the allowance you have purchased


Discover all the advantages of size, weight and quantity of baggage allowed on the special page of the club you belong to.

Always remember to give your MilleMiglia code during the booking stage or enter it during online check-in.