Seats for little travelers (from 0 to 24 months)

If you wish to reserve a seat for your child, you must bring your own child safety seat. It must meet the following requirements:

  1. The safety seat must fit inside the airplane’s seat armrests (42cm/16.5in)
  2. The safety seat must be installed by you once on board and in keeping with the manufacturer’s instructions (facing front or back)
  3. The safety seat must be able to be secured into place with the airplane seat’s safety belt (two-part safety seats, seats with three attachment points or kept in place by a metal bar are not allowed)
  4. The seat must be without defects and have a visible European Union, or other public authority, seal of approval.

The following is a list of the approved seals:

You can reserve a seat for your child, with the use of a child safety seat, only on some flights and up to 48 hours prior to flight time. You cannot book this on, but you must call the your Local Alitalia Office, choosing the "special services" option.

When booking seats in Magnifica Class on our fleet, you must reserve a seat for the child and travel with an approved child safety seat.

The regulations adopted by some of our partners are different than ours. Please contact your travel agency or the partner airline directly for more details.