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Salerno is not just a seaside city, one of the busiest ports of the Mediterranean and the gateway to the splendid Amalfi coast, it has a long history and is continuously looking to the future.


The first people to settle in this coastal Campania town were the Etruscans; the Romans founded the city and were followed by the Lombards, the Normans, the Swabians and finally the Bourbons, who made it a key location within the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Traces of this history can be seen in the heart of the city as well as in the surrounding area. Etrusco-Samnite archeological sites from the 5th century B.C. contain important signs of pre-Roman settlements, and some significant Medieval remains have survived to the present day, such as the Lombard Aqueduct, which dates from the 9th century and has a characteristic structure of Gothic arches. This is one of the earliest examples of this construction technique. While wandering through the geometric maze of medieval lanes in the city center, you will see significant monuments. The Cathedral, which dates from 1080 and was built in perfect Romanesque style, contains the relics of the city's patron saint, St. Matthew. Every year, picturesque celebrations lasting several days are organized to honor him.

The Schola Medica Salernitana was a medical school founded during the Lombard period. The heritage of this important institution has been preserved in a virtual museum devoted to medicine, which provides a surprising journey through time and technology, and brings medieval practices to life using modern technology to reconstruct and explore, Salerno's historical importance is also shown in the Archeological Museum, which was renovated in 2013, and the Museo dello Sbarco, which bears witness to a vital time for the city and for Italy; the arrival of the Allies in 1943, liberation and the establishment of the provisional Italian government in the city.


Above all, Salerno is a maritime city. Its port is always full of both cargo and cruise ships that have stopped here during their journeys through the Mediterranean. The beautiful Lungomare Trieste, studded with greenery and historic buildings, and the city hall are full of life every day and provide uniquely beautiful views over the coast. On one side is the Amalfi coast, a unique treasure, and on the other, the Cilento coast, another area worth exploring and that has something for every type of traveler.


The city hosts Luci d’artista, an annual event dedicated to works of art created using lights, which brighten up the entire city for days. Salerno also produces dishes that are a celebration of Mediterranean flavors. The main dish, cooked to celebrate St. Matthew, is stuffed spleen, veal stuffed with parsley, mint, garlic and pepper, cooked for three hours with wine and vinegar and then served with a sauce. Fish also plays a main role in Salerno cuisine, which can be seen in dishes such as scialatielli or paccheri, a traditional dish with pasta and seafood that has an explosion of sea flavors. And no meal is complete without limoncello.

Salerno is offers all types of attractions and is easy to reach from nearby Naples airport. Book your Alitalia flight now!


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