Lampedusa Flights

Lampedusa: the pearl of the Pelagie Islands

White beaches, crystal-clear sea and sun that caresses the skin, all framed by rugged coastlines forming nooks and coves to discover: paradise is real, and you can find it on the island of Lampedusa.

Like a pearl in its shell, the island contains priceless natural beauty. Its large limestone cliffs overlooking the sea and its picturesque inlets with crystal-clear water make Lampedusa a dream destination if you love nature and the relaxed pace of the Mediterranean life.

Among the most interesting places is the "isola dei Conigli", an undisputed jewel in the middle of a pristine bay, whose name seems to be the result of an incorrect translation. For a long time it was believed that it was derived from the English word rabbit ("coniglio" in Italian), but in fact, more reliable versions trace it back to the Arabic rabit (meaning "connection" or "collegamento" in Italian). The island can be reached on foot when the low tide reveals a thin strip of sand connecting it with its namesake beach.

Rabbit Beach, voted the best in the world by one of the most well-known travel review sites, is part of a nature reserve and represents one of the few sites in the Mediterranean where loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs on summer nights between May and August.

But the beauty of Lampedusa does not end with the isola dei Conigli. In fact, it is a succession of small inlets offering unique views: Cala Pulcino, Cala Guitgia, Cala Madonna, Cala Creta, and Cala Francese are just some of the more notable sites not to be missed.

Lampedusa's strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean has allowed to be settled by some of the greatest civilizations over the centuries, while its natural charm was the setting a feat in Ariosto's epic poem Orlando Furioso and inspired the writer Giuseppe Tomasi in crafting his novel as The Leopard.

And against this backdrop of history and culture, the local cuisine enchants with the typical flavors of Sicilian dishes. Do not leave the island without tasting panelle, caponata, pasta alla norma, or couscous, all accompanied by one of the excellent wines that the island of Sicily offers. To make your trip all the sweeter, try a slice of cassata cake, a few cannoli pastries, or a glass of Sicilian straw wine.

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