Capri Flights

A magical land, the island of Capri has always fascinated writers and poets and is still today one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Capri welcomes all its visitors in the Marina Grande port, mainly a mooring place for boats but full of small restaurants and shops. Its colorful buildings are a taste of the picturesque setting that only this island can offer. This is where you can buy a ticket for a boat tour of the island, with a stop at the famous Blue Grotto, named for its bright color capable of lighting up the entire cave.
The same tour will take you to the Faraglioni, the three world-famous rocks that rise high out of the water and create a unique and truly charming landscape typical of Capri.
The island's beaches are mainly small bays surrounded by rocks on which you can sunbathe, but there are also some free, private sandy beaches where you can top up your tan and bathe in the clear blue sea. The residents' favorite is surely the Punta Carena Lighthouse, the only point where you can see the sun setting over the sea, and the ideal place for a romantic stroll.


There is so much to see on this small island. Start your tour in Piazza Umberto I, better known as the Piazzetta, and described as the “world's sitting room” because so many famous people and VIPs have passed through it, with its many bars and restaurants where you can treat yourself to a refreshing aperitif. Wander through the surrounding alleys for a spot of shopping in the luxury boutiques and craft workshops before reaching the former Cathedral of St Stephen with its Clock Tower, the largest church on the island.
In the historic town center of Anacapri there are plenty of historic places to visit, like the Villa San Michele and the striking Casa Rossa. Take the chair-lift to the top of Monte Solaro: from here you have a view of the whole island and your photos will be as good as any postcard.
Another of the countryside's unique highlights can be found in the Augusto gardens and Via Krupp, where you will be struck by the area's spectacular nature, with its vast variety of flowers and plants.


In local cooking, the adjective “caprese” has two meanings: the fresh caprese salad made with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, and the caprese tart: a dessert made of almonds and chocolate.
Famous traditional dishes include ravioli capresi, filled with Parmesan, dry caciotta cheese and sweet marjoram, and scialattielli, often combined with seafood or vegetables. After a bowl of pasta, order a fine pezzogna, a typical fish from the sea around Capri, which is poached in “acqua pazza” (crazy water), a sauce of baby tomatoes, parsley, garlic and oil.
Wash it all down with a local white wine before ending your meal with a lovely glass of limoncello, chilled if possible.

Pack your flip-flops, swimming costume and a few summer clothes and head off to discover Capri on board an Alitalia flight to Naples. With us Capri is just around the corner!


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