Brindisi Flights

The ancient gateway to the East and a strategic port for the entire Mediterranean, Brindisi sparkles with sun and sea. Its ancient suburbs represent the essence of Apulian beauty. Its crystal-clear waters make it one of the most attractive places in Italy for sea-lovers.


Amidst centuries-old olive trees and the clear waters of the Adriatic, Brindisi is not short of castles and churches. Built in the 13th century with materials taken from the old city walls and other monuments in ruins, the Swabian Castle, the oldest in the city, is also called the land castle to distinguish it from the sea castle which is the Aragonese Castle. The latter was built in the late 15th century as the heart of the fortresses on The Island of St Andrew and it is still a landmark thanks to its characteristic red color, from the carparo stone used to build it. Along the Brindisi sea front you can also admire the symbolic Roman columns, which are believed to mark the end of the ancient Appian Way, and stand at the top of the charming Virgil's Staircase, offering you a spectacular view out to sea, a stone's throw from the city center and the wonderful Cathedral bell tower, reminiscent with its Byzantine style of the Basilica of St Nicholas in Bari.


Make at least one trip to Ostuni, the city famous for its distinctive luminosity thanks to its white houses that seem to be straight out of ancient fables. Baroque purity also shines out in nearby Otranto, where, as well as its imposing castle by the sea, you can admire buildings made of the typical "Lecce stone". It is also worth taking a stroll through Ceglie to see its stately castle, and megalithic city walls and gates, and Martina Franca, a graceful example of baroque art full of elegant buildings. From its straight inland lanes to the winding roads along the coast, from Lecce to the heel of Italy, the Salento district is a land of prehistoric and magical dolmens but also attractive white sand dunes. Enchanting creeks and heavenly beaches offer a crystal-clear sea and Mediterranean tan to all who come wanting to relax in this real natural oasis. Don't miss Porto Selvaggio, a particularly charming port set in a nature reserve covering hundreds of acres, in between Otranto and Gallipoli, both also worth a visit.


In Murgia, the rural heart of Apulia with an exceptionally rich variety of landscapes, you will find Fasano, a farming town full of alleys, arches and small squares surrounded by whitewashed walls, famous primarily for its Safari Park. The largest zoo in Italy covers over 250 acres and contains more than 1000 animals roaming in near freedom and will be enjoyed by young and old. As well as the exciting animal park experience, a stone's throw away you can enjoy the fun and thrills of the attractions in Fasanolandia park.


The real cuisine of Brindisi is one of Italy's favorites: here, wicker baskets and olive wood or ceramic bowls become precious caskets for storing Apulian food and wine products which you will find hard to resist. Brindisi recipes, passed down through generations of families, are simple to prepare using humble raw ingredients and go like hot cakes: taiedda, a traditional soup of rice, mussels and potatoes; dried tomatoes, oily fish and orecchiette pasta with horse meat ragout washed down with glasses of Negroamaro and Malvasia. But the true queen of Brindisi cuisine is the frisa or frisella, made of durum wheat baked in the oven, soaked in tomato and extra virgin olive oil, found on all Apulian tables during the summer months.

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