Unaccompanied minors

For passengers under 14 years of age for domestic destinations and under 15 years of age for international destinations traveling without an accompanying adult or with an accompanying adult in a different travel class (Business/Premium Economy/Economy), there is an "Unaccompanied minor" service.

Book the service by calling Special Assistance services at 0032 (0)2 5511122 or through a travel agent, indicating the address and telephone number of the person accompanying the minor to the departure airport and the person who will pick him/her up at the arrival airport. Should there be connecting flights, the minor cannot be booked onto the last flight of the day to his/her destination from a stopover airport, unless that flight is the only flight departing that day. The person accompanying the minor to the airport must remain at the airport until the flight boarded by the unaccompanied minor is airborne.

Upon check-in, show:

Additional Charge
The additional “Unaccompanied minor” charges are as follows:

Destinations Additional Charge
 All flights within Italy
(minors 5 to 13 years of age)
€40 one way 
 Medium-haul international flights from Italy
(minors aged 5 to 14)
€60 one way 
 Medium-haul international flights from abroad
(minors aged 5 to 14)
€50 one way 
 International flights to Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates from abroad 
(minors aged 5 to 14)
€40 one way 
 Long-haul international flights from Italy
(minors aged 5 to 14)
€125 one way 
 Long-haul international flights from abroad
(minors aged 5 to 14)
€75 one way*  
 Flights from the United States, Canada and Mexico and subsequent return flight 
(minors aged 5 to 14)
$75 one way

*The supplement does not apply to Japan flights for minors aged 5 to 11.

Underage passengers traveling alone who are over the age for using the mandatory Unaccompanied Minor service can request the new “Voluntary Unaccompanied Minor” service. This service offers accompaniment during travel for children between the ages of:

Book the “Voluntary Unaccompanied Minor" service by calling Special Assistance at 06 65640. The service charges and airport and in-flight assistance are the same as those applied to mandatory Unaccompanied Minors. The service can be purchased for all flights operated by the Alitalia Group (XM, VE, CT) and the fee must be paid after the booking for the entire itinerary has been confirmed. The service will also be guaranteed for connecting flights, even if, should a connection have been missed, Alitalia has to board the minor on a flight different from the one originally booked.


For full details, please call 0032 (0)2 5511122.